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If you are in Florida, the chances are pretty good you live in a HOA community. Whether you have a condo, timeshare, or home in Florida, you are among millions of people, many who are like-minded. With more than 48,000 HOAs controlling 9.5 million just in Florida, one would expect there to be guidelines and rulings would be in place.

It does not take long for those who care for their home, its value, and its HOA to realize that the laws in Florida do nothing to help homeowners.

We formed Florida HOA Reform to attempt to put together a coalition of *homeowners* who have had enough of miniature tyrants who pursure personal agendas of power and self-dealing to wreak havoc in the one place people should be safe and secure: their homes. The Condominium Act does attempt to regulate certain activities of an association; but many of these same protections do not apply to homeowner HOAs. Both lack the strong teeth needed to keep boards in check. The Florida DBPR carries no weight-- and, more importantly, no interest, in supporting homeowners. Boards and their lawyers, who are paid for by the very homeowners being victimized, have little fear or respect for potential action by the DBPR.

If you found our site, we hope it is due to interest in being part of a solution. It is likely your horror story is, sadly, not unusual. It is more likely than not, you have felt disgust, despair, or devastation from punitive actions and overreach you may not have even realized could happen to you.

Come back often. If you have friends who share our passion to help be the change you want to see, pass our site along. We plan to have events, record podcasts, and work to form a PAC for homeowners to make sure the stories we hear become fewer and farther between.

Join our conversation. Share your story. If you have questions, just let us know by writing to:

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